Administration and Faculty

Rev. Edgard Traboulsi, President; Professor of Theology, and Practical Ministry, Church History.
Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, B.Th.; Luther Rice Seminary, M.Div.; D.Min.

Rev. Mazyad Zeidan, Dean of Student. Bibelschule Beatenberg Interlaken,
Graduate of Bible and Missions; Lebanon Baptist Seminary, DD.

Rev. Charbel Malak, Adjunct Professor of New Testament. Lebanese American University, B.Sc.;
Canadian Theological Seminary, M.Div.; Asbury Theological Seminary, D.Min. (Academic Dean of CAIT).

Dr. John Haddad, Professor of Apologetics.
American University of Beirut, B.Sc. M.Sc.; University of Dundee, Scotland, Ph.D.; University of California, USA, Postdoctoral Fellow.

Rev. Antoine Skaf, Lecturer in Pastoral Theology and External Program.
Notre Dame University, B.Sc.; Lebanon Baptist Seminary, M.Th.; Luther Rice Seminary, M.Div. D.Min (Candidate).

Rev. Elie Wardan, Instructor of Evangelism.
Hotel Technical Institute, T.S., Lebanon Baptist Seminary, M.Th. M.Div. (Candidate).

Mrs. Nada Traboulsi, Assistant Registrar, Instructor of Church Music and Christian Education.
Beirut University College, B.Sc.; National High Conservatory of Music, Graduate; Covington Theological Seminary, Master of Christian Music.

Mr. Andrew Traboulsi, Director of Student Affairs, Instructor of Theology.
The American University of Beirut (AUB), B.Sc.; B.Sc.; M.Sc.; Lebanese University/AUB, Ph.D. (Candidate); Lebanon Baptist Seminary, (M.Div. two-years studies); Luther Rice Seminary, M.Div. (Candidate).

Mr. George Sleiman, Librarian, Assistant Instructor of Education.
Middle East University, B.A., M.A.; Lebanon Baptist Seminary, M.Div. (Candidate).

Mr. Dany Wazen, Assistant e-Librarian, Computer labs.
Lebanese University, License; Universite De Picardi, France, M.Sc.

Mrs. Yolla Ziadeh, Office Manager.
Lebanese University, License.

Dr. Dolly Helou, Treasurer.
Lebanese University, Pharm. D.