Admissions Information


This catalogue does not constitute a contract between LBS and its students on either collective or individual basis. It represents the school's best academic, financial, and social planning at the time the catalogue was published. Course and curriculum changes, modifications of tuition, fees, and other charges, plus unforeseen changes in other aspects of Lebanon Baptist Seminary life sometimes occur after the catalogue has been printed. Because of this, LBS does not assume a contractual obligation with students for the contents of this catalogue.

It is important that students familiarize themselves with all of the academic requirements related to their particular program. These academic requirements must be met before a degree can be conferred. Faculty are available to assist the students in understanding these requirements, but the student himself is responsible for completing them.

Candidates for admission to the Seminary must give evidence of good character. Students transferring from other schools must present statements of honourable dismissal.

Applicants for admission to Lebanon Baptist Seminary will be considered without regard to race, class, gender, or nationality. The prospective student is assessed according to his academic background and personal testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ. In considering applicants, the Administration of the Seminary (Registrar and President) reviews the prospective student's complete record, recommendation, and personal information. If the prospective student meets the required standard, he/she is admitted to LBS.

Application must be made on the official form furnished by the Seminary's office. When the necessary information and fee have been received, action will be taken on the application by the Administration. The applicant will be notified of the decision.
All correspondence concerning admission should be addressed to the Registrar of the Seminary. Each applicant should furnish the following:

A completed application with a recent photograph. Application is found at the back of this catalog.

An application fee of $35 (non-refundable).

Official transcripts of all previous studies from each high school, college or university, the applicant has attended. An official transcript request form is found in the back of this catalog. If more are required, please copy the one found in the back of this catalog.

A completed Christian character reference form. This form is found at the back of this catalog.

A Bible knowledge test is part of the admissions process and must be taken in the presence of one of LBS faculty or staff.
Upon receipt of these materials, the Registrar will process your application, notify you of your admission status, and send further information.  


The applicant must also have signed that the information given in the application is true and that he/she will adhere to the Standards of Conduct as long as he/she is a student at LBS. He/she must affirm his belief in Articles I through VIII of the Student's Doctrinal Statement. Further, he/she must indicate that he has read and will abide by the financial policies of LBS. Finally, he/she must indicate that he has read and will respect the Seminary's purpose, philosophy, and objectives. Information proven to be false on the application may result in dismissal.

All male applicants should have already served their national military service before applying to LBS. The Seminary would not provide any letter of exemption of this service to any applicant.

Institute Level

Applicants desiring entrance into the Institute program must have at least finished the Brevet class (equivalent to grade 9). They should prove ability in reading and writing Arabic.

College Level

Applicants desiring entrance into the Bachelor degree program must have completed the requirements for the Second Baccalaureate (equivalent to the Freshman class). Holder of the First Baccalaureate (High School level) will be required to study an additional load of 30 c/h to compensate for the difference in hours. LBS recommends that a prospective student with the First Baccalaureate endeavor to complete courses in the following subjects: English and Arabic languages, History, Philosophy, Sciences, Social Sciences, Computer Skills, and Bible.

All students are required to complete a standardized Bible knowledge test.

Graduate Level

Applicants desiring entrance into the Master degree program must have completed requirements for a Bachelor degree or its equivalent (Bachelor degree equivalency is understood in the sense that the applicant has satisfactorily completed 126 semester hours of college level work in which the applicant received a 'C' or higher. No Bachelor degree will be awarded to an applicant entering a Master program by equivalency from an approved college or university. All students are required to complete a standardized Bible knowledge test.

Non-degree Students

A non-degree student is one desiring to take only a limited number of courses for credit but is not interested in enrolling in a degree program.

A non-degree student must submit an application, a pastoral recommendation form, and official verification of the applicant's qualifications to receive credit on a specific academic level.

The application must be accompanied by the application fee. The usual tuition rate applies.


An auditor is one desiring to take a limited number of on-campus courses or seminars for which credit is not received. Auditors pay only 75% of the course fees.
A transfer student from other institutions must be in good standing academically and socially at the school of last attendance. In addition to the other admissions requirements, transfer students must request that all colleges send official transcripts directly to LBS. Financial obligations to previous colleges should be cared for before admission will be granted.
For the Bachelor program, course credits with a minimum grade of 'C' earned at other standard theological schools will be accepted at full value when such courses are comparable to those offered in this Seminary. For Master programs, transfer of credits for which was a 'B' or higher will be allowed. Transfer students must meet all the requirements set forth in this catalog to qualify for graduation.

In some cases, the Registrar may ask for the description of courses or the academic qualification of the Instructors of the courses taken at other theological seminaries.

Credits or degrees from non-accredited academic institutions will be evaluated on an individual basis.

A minimum of one full year of studies (thirty hours) must be taken at this Seminary.

The following reflects the maximum number of transfer credits possible in each degree program:

A.Th. 30 hours
B.Th. 60 hours
M.Th. 6 hours
M.Div. 60 hours
Any person desiring international admission should allow 3-6 months to complete the admissions process.

All applicants must also submit a statement explaining the manner in which the financial costs (tuition, fees, books and materials, room and board, transportation, healthcare, etc.) for the entire program will be paid.

If the person's spouse or family are applying, the statement must also show how their needs will be met.