Procedures for Discipline

Discipline begins anytime a student's conduct must be corrected by a faculty member. Discipline may proceed to the point of taking the case to the Dean of Students or the President.

Steps taken are according to the offense and may or may not be in the following order:

A warning or caution, verbal or written, from a faculty member or administrative officer.

Censure – always written, may be from the Dean of Students or the President.

Restriction of privilege in the following areas: social, off campus, office holding, etc.

Conduct probation: (a) may be for a definite period; (b) is always serious; (c) any further non-cooperation will be cause for withdrawal or formal dismissal from the Seminary.

Status while on Probation: (a) will not participate in any off campus public appearances for the Seminary; (b) limited campus appearances in chapel services; (c) should counsel regularly with his personal counselor.

Suspension: (a) may be for a definite or indefinite period of time; (b) may be from classes only or from the campus; (c) if campus suspension period is indefinite, the student can only reenter by re-application to the Admissions.

Dismissal or expulsion from Seminary: (a) may result from any of the above causes of withdrawal; (b) will be recorded on the student's transcript in the office of the Registrar, with the reasons given.