Risalat Al Kalima Magazine

"Risalat Al Kalima" is a Christian quarterly magazine which deals with spiritual, moral and social topics from a biblical point of view. It aims to strengthen the faith of believers and to bring the distant closer to God.  The magazine is committed to the Evangelical faith which includes the doctrines of the: Trinity: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit; the virgin birth of Christ, and that salvation is by faith in the Lord Jesus alone, the Redeemer and the Risen from the dead, and in the verbal and plenary inspiration of the Bible and that the church includes all believers in Christ, and that Christ will return again to judge the living and the dead.
The magazine is licensed by the Lebanese Ministry of Information and is a publication of Lebanon Baptist Church Trust. Its administrator and editor is Rev. Dr. Edgard Traboulsi. He is assisted by a large team of volunteers (writers, language corrector, photographers, graphic designer, IT expert, and a marketing team and administrators). The magazine devotes 70% of its articles to national writers, leaving room to 30% to translations in order to expose readers to world Christian thought.
The readers of the magazine are scattered in 285 villages and towns in Lebanon and spread across more than twenty countries around the world. The magazine currently prints 7,000 copies of each issue, and is funded by contributions and donations from subscribers, friends and churches.