Lebanon Baptist Seminary

Lebanon Baptist Seminary is a conservative training school of ministry and theolgy that opened its doors on February 16, 1998. The school standards, curriculum, and academics are at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  

The seminary maintains a student body coming from both Lebanon and Syria. We are not only proud of our doctrinal distinctive and high standards of academics and conducts, but also of the quality of men and women who form our student body.  

Some of our students come from the various fields of Christian ministry, others are trained professionals such as lawyers, engineers, doctors, administrators, university and high school teachers.  

Studying at LBS is a unique opportunity to gain serious and profound education.  Those who cannot strive for excellence cannot continue very long in the different programs of the seminary. The student should be able to spend long hours of hard work and be dedicated to the best in his work.

Our serious training program has given our school its high reputation and academic recognition.  LBS family believes that the work of the ministry deserves to be perfectly done; therefore we are committed to train our students to be among the finest in Christian service.