Seminary Services

The student body meets at 4:15pm every Monday for a 45 minutes chapel service. Each chapel is carefully planned to provide the elements a meaningful worship experience. Speakers are chosen from the faculty, alumni, visiting guests, and students. Students will be assigned to lead the singing, pray, read the Scriptures and preach in order to be trained in these ministries. No classes are held during the chapel time and the library is closed. Students whose classes meet at other times during the week are invited to attend chapel services.

The LBS Book Service provides books for the convenience of the students and faculty of the seminary. A complete line of textbooks, supplemental paperbacks, materials, and supplies are available. All purchases are on a cash basis unless cleared by the Treasurer.

Administration offices are open during working days. Students are requested to take an appointment with the faculty or staff they desire to talk to.

All telephones are for the Seminary business use. Students may use the telephone located in the office of the seminary in the case of emergency. Please limit calls to three minutes. Incoming calls from family or friends should be only for emergency purposes. No calls should be made during the study hours and the chapel services. Personal mobile phones must always be off in chapel, library, and classes.

The library is the intellectual laboratory of the seminary and the centre of learning. You are encouraged to take advantage of the library privileges. Here the student has an excellent opportunity for personal development in preparing class assignments, research work, and recreational reading.

In order to derive maximum benefit from Library, the following regulations are used:

The Library is a place for study. At all times, it should have a quiet atmosphere conductive to concentration. You are requested not to visit in the Library, nor to conduct yourself in a way that will detract others from their studies.

Respect and care for Library property is required. A system of fines is enforced for books returned late. When you lose a Library book, please inform the Librarian as soon as possible. If the book is not found, we must charge you its price, plus the fines until the book was reported lost. You may not take a final examination until all fines and the lost book are paid for.

Reference books and periodicals are not checked out at all. When you remove a book from the shelf do not return it to the shelf. Just leave it on the table for the library staff to re-shelve.

When you check out books, you may be asked to show your identification card.

You have an obligation to uphold these and other library regulations as given by the Librarian. Any one abusing his/her Library privileges may find himself/herself deprived of the use of the Library.

There is one computing laboratory on campus that is available for use by students, faculty, and staff. You must supply your own diskettes to store your data files. Students are not allowed to download whole programs of the electronic library. However, they are permitted to save part of these programs as is necessary to their studies and research.
Misusing the internet facilities of the Seminary for pornographic sites will certainly lead to disciplinary actions. Game playing is not permitted. Printing services is provided for a basic cost.

Air conditioners or heaters and lights are to be operated only by the professors and student officers. Since neatness is not only conductive to orderly thinking, but is also a good testimony for our Lord, all tables should be kept neat and in line with each other.

The students of LBS are welcomed to join the hospitalisation and health policy scheme of the Lebanon Baptist Church. Prices and applications may be obtained form the office.