General Assembly of Lebanon Bible Church Annual Meeting 2020

The General Assembly of Lebanon Bible Church met on the evening of Friday, 11 December, 2020. The members were informed of the progress of the restoration work of homes, shops, schools, and churches carried out by its teams in the affected area of ​​Beirut. 

The General Assembly also reviewed the medical and educational aid, relief work, and the distribution of food packs in many regions of Lebanon. 

The assembly was presented with the reports of the church's committees, discussed the financial report of the past year, approved 2021 budget, endorsed the Financial Committee's audit, and elected the board members of the "Lebanon Baptist Church Trust": Pastor Edgard Traboulsi (Chairman), Mr. George Francis (Secretary), Mr. Juan Yunis (Treasurer), and the following members: Mrs. Angel Khayat, Dr. Dolly Helou, Mr. Joe Traboulsi and Mr. Fadi Aoun. 

In addition, the General Assembly elected the members of the executive committee of the church: Pastor Edgard Traboulsi, Mr. Grorge Feancis, Mr. Tony Sleiman, Mr. Fadi Wazen, and Mr. Rabie Abi Khalil.

The relevant authorities were informed of the election results according to the procedures that apply.